Take Climate Action for Racial Justice

Devin standing on the three-point line of a basketball court in Powderhorn Park.

Innovations in Recreation


Dear Neighbors,

The parks are the backyards of our city. Your independently elected Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board manages nearly 15% of the land in Minneapolis and employs over 2,000 human beings. With this level of public responsibility in our new political reality, we need a Park Board that fights for everyone. I am running to represent you because building power together moves Minneapolis from equity talk into justice work.

Politics is the art of the possible. As your Commissioner At-Large I'm committed to inclusive visionary leadership and expanding access to our public lands. People have the solutions to the issues they face, and our elected officials must amplify their voices and advocate for these lives over vested interests in White Supremacy. Like Keith Ellison my style is to build bridges not throw bombs.

The best way to help us win is to caucus on April 4th. Join us!

In Solidarity,